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ONE VOICE---Ministry in Motion is a multidisciplinary, integrative, local and global outreach animal ministry.  Non-denominational and without walls, this ministry is limitless in both its breadth and its potential.  It occupies no physical space, yet there exists no space in which ONE VOICE is not present.  While using several disciplines to create ‘Motion,’ ONE VOICE offers local and global pastoral care and outreach programs in the following ways:

Prayer Requests

One of the most common requests we receive are prayer requests. Providing prayer support for animals and the people who love them is among the greatest honors bestowed upon a Animal Chaplain. Click here to submit a prayer request.

Veterinary Hospital Support

    Animal Chaplains provide spiritual support to animal patients and to their family members who are emotionally distressed, struggling with religious, spiritual or ethical issues, or, who are requesting a specific ritual or ceremony. In addition, Animal Chaplains are available to provide support to veterinary staff members and shelter personnel who may experience compassion fatigue.

Veterinary Hospice Partnering

    Animal Chaplains, in partnership with families and other caregivers, work together to provide quality end of life support for beloved animal companions.

Memorial, Remembrance or Life Celebration Ceremonies

    Memorial services for animals have become increasingly popular and are a sure sign that the paradigm is shifting. We work closely with family members to ensure that memorial, remembrance or life celebrations fully honor beloved animal companions and bring peace to those who love them and wish to celebrate their lives.

Adoption or Naming Ceremonies

    The purpose of a naming ceremony is to gift a new animal family member with his or her new name and to welcome them into their new family. They become a part of something greater as they are embraced by the guardianship of those present. Animal Guardians may wish to appoint additional sponsors for their new family member as part of the ceremony... similar to the concept of Godparents.

Grief and Euthanasia Support

    During those times when Animal Guardians are faced with the stress and emotion of making difficult life decisions for their animal companions, Animal Chaplains provide spiritual reinforcement and can help to guide the family as they consider the options available to them. They are also able to perform last rites, be present at the time of euthanasia and provide support for the family throughout the process.

Animal Blessings

    Animal Blessings can be performed for single or multiple animals. They can be a combination of stories, prayers and ceremonies designed for animals and those wishing to celebrate them.

Online Prayer Circles

    Open to all, we offer a weekly, virtual online prayer service for animals via conference call or webinar. Prayer is offered for the world's animals as well as for animals for whom prayer requests have been submitted. Those in attendance are invited to request prayer for animal companions or for any animals they wish to bless. Click here for our current schedule.

Online/Onsite Teleclasses, Workshops and Seminars

We offer periodic classes and seminars on the spirituality of animals and partner with other groups who have similar offerings. Click here for our current schedule.

Personalized Poetry, Music and Art

We provide this very unique and personal service with great delight. We can create personalized poetry, music and art individually, or, in combination to honor animal companions. Contact us directly for more information.


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