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Rev Dr CraigStarting years ago as a Public Relations Manager and Media volunteer for a local animal rights group, Rev. Dr. Craig Haley’s service to animals has included vet tech support, humane education, field operations, web site development for animal organizations, and, of course, animal ministry.  Most recently he served as an Emergency Animal Medical Technician (paramedic for animals) and Cruelty Investigator for the Arizona Humane Society, which was featured on TV's Animal Planet (Animal Planet Heroes Phoenix and Animal Cops Phoenix.)

Rev. Dr. Craig was recently bestowed the honor of supporting the Arizona Humane Society in grief support --- possibly the first shelter in the country to put forth this type of extraordinary and progressive offering.

Rev. Dr. Craig is a musician, composer and digital artist who has had numerous exhibitions of his animal-themed art. He also composes music with his wife and ministry partner, Rev. Dr. Kris. Craig is also a proud member of the U.S. Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Association.

Rev Dr Kris with Chance Rev. Dr. Kris Lecakes Haley is a national speaker and writer on the topic of Animals and Spirituality, currently a volunteer for an international animal organization.  Rev. Dr. Kris’ background includes vet tech support, humane education and program development consulting for animal organizations.

She has led both the Youth & Family and Animal Kinship Ministries respectively for the New Vision Center for Spiritual Living and, currently serves as the Manager of Humane Education for the Arizona Humane Society. She also served as Manager of Multifaith Outreach for Best Friends Animal Society where she assembled a group of leaders from over 20 faith traditions who authored, “A Religious Proclamation for Animal Compassion,”unveiled in Washington, D.C. in 2007.  A former board member of the Association of Professional Humane Educators, Kris currently serves on the board of The Humane Link.

Currently sharing the Chair of the Department of Humane Religious Studies for Emerson Theological Institute with husband and ministry partner Dr. Craig, Dr. Kris is also educated in many holistic modalities for animals.  She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and one of only a handful of certified U.S. based Bach Flower Practitioners for Animals, trained and certified by the U.K.’s Bach Centre and Natural Animal Centre, respectively.

Kris and CraigThe Haley’s share a Doctorate in the pioneering field of Humane Religious Studies   --- part of a new degree program offered by Emerson Theological Institute that focuses on the spiritual nature of animals.  They are also Ordained Interfaith Ministers as well as Ordained Animal Chaplains, another unprecedented program offered by their alma mater.
Continuing to add to their over 40 collective years of experience in animal welfare and advocacy, both Craig and Kris are Co-founders of the Interfaith Council of Humane Leadership and have also founded PEACEANIMAL,an organization dedicated to expanding the concept of peace to include all species.  They are currently completing their first book on the topic.

The Haley family is completed with many animal companions...dogs, birds and fish. They are all rescues...all teachers...and all beloved.

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