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Welcome to ONE VOICE---Ministry in Motion. ONE VOICE---Ministry in Motion is an inclusive movement that embraces all life in its flawless interconnectedness. All of nature speaks…every living being, every rock, every breeze, every drop of water, every breath…every thought…has ONE VOICE. Regardless of our exterior be it flesh, fur, wood or wind…we are a collective, collaborative life force through which the ONE VOICE of divine nature expresses.

Animal Ministry is a new and emerging discipline blending the worlds of faith with animal companionship, welfare and advocacy.  Animal companions are treasured family members --- for some, their only family members.  Animal Ministry offers an added dimension of compassion.  It provides the same level of pastoral support to families with animal companions as is received by human families. 

The “Motion” part of our name is what we wish to create, inspire and support.  Motion toward Peace --- Motion toward Love --- Motion toward Life…in ALL of its magnificent forms.  And, of course, the Motion of coming together to love, support and celebrate all animals. 

Our work is broad:

We envision a world where animal ministry brings sustained peace to relationships among people and all animals. 

Our mission is to provide spiritual support to the world’s animals and those who love, support and advocate for them.

We are at your service.

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